The Girl and The Ghost


Self-conscious teenage girl Alice starts at all-girls boarding school Kylemore Abbey, where she meets lonely Ghost Ruth, they discover time travel that leads them on a journey of self-discovery. A mystery, fun, adventure TV series, centred around women friendship.



High-powered businesswoman Claire meets Martyn – attentive, romantic, caring, over- protective. He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of, but is he really? A thriller TV series cantered around toxic, coercive control.

Odd Fish


Rhona needs to escape her vile husband after two decades of abuse. Her goal of ultimate freedom is not easily reached and however Rhona is not exactly who she appears to be. A dramedy TV series.

Deadly Blind


Can Fox come out of her dark hole, and finally see the wood for the trees? – A dynamic detective TV series set in the mesmerising West of Ireland.

Son of Cool


Celtic Ireland. 212 AD. A prophesied young warrior embarks on a quest to become a true champion and lead a ragtag uprising to save the island from the devastating rule of a corrupted High King. A YA, sci fi, adventure TV series.

The Inner Voice of Tony Cascarino


While waiting on a scan for possible Dementia, Tony Cascarino wants to preserve his memories before they potentially disappear. A documentary series showing Tony Cascarino as you’ve never seen him before.

Other Projects


Iraqi-born, newly promoted detective Naomi Fox is a mess: hampered by grief and insecurity. When a kidnapping case escalates to murder, proving more than meets the eye, can she emerge from the dark and find her voice or will she ultimately be brought to bay?

Painting Saddam

When a group of Northern Irish painter and decorators take a job painting Saddam Hussian’s place they become kidnapped and have to way up the options of finishing their job or escaping.


When Dawn, an Irish Army officer, brother goes missing she has to uncover what the army is hiding and enlist help from the most unlikely sources, an anti army protester.

The Mat

After his wife dies in childbirth, an Australian Criminal vows revenge on the Irish shaman who stopped her getting medical assistance. Opening a wellness studio in County Sligo as a cover, he didn’t bargain on the transformative power of yoga and the kindness of strangers.

Stepping Out

A 25-year-old woman with cerebral palsy realises that it’s not her disability that’s holding her back, but herself, as she leaves her sheltered life in Dublin to become the person she’s always wanted to be in London.

Gospel Funk

Out of sorts and out of work, Irish Nigerian actress Funke joins a gospel choir hoping to shine; the surprise subject of a hit documentary, will the choir’s glimpse of stardom turn her head for the worse or set her free?